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JSoft, Inc.

Company Overview

JSoft combines the Java development product HorizonJ with years of systems architecture insight to deliver rapid results for technology leaders. JSoft specializes in providing packaged and custom components that address application architecture challenges such as Web browser and GUI presentation, integrated back-end database persistence, application level user / role based security, auditing and personalization, and distributed object deployment.

JSoft's flagship product, HorizonJ, is a packaged framework that application developers can use to build robust J2EE solutions. With HorizonJ, application developers are provided integrated application architecture components that enable rapid development of consistent and scalable Java applications. Applications built with HorizonJ are J2EE compliant, utilizing technologies such as JSP, Java Servlets, XML/XSL, and EJB.

In addition to offering the HorizonJ product, JSoft offers consulting services ranging from technology strategy assessment to custom component design and construction. JSoft's Professional Services team has had great success in helping clients to succeed, as demonstrated by the enthusiasm of JSoft clients for engaging in long term joint development engagements.

We would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about JSoft services and the JSoft HorizonJ product.

Contact Information

General Information: info@horizonj.com
Sales: sales@horizonj.com