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JSoft Client Profiles

JSoft has a tremendous record in helping businesses make effective use of technology. Our customers have been very successful in making use of the HorizonJ framework and our services to meet their business objectives. Solutions built by JSoft and / or making use of JSoft's technology share a critical commonality: each has been implemented successfully, and each continues to meet its objectives in in supporting business requirements. The following are a representative sample of JSoft's clients.

NanoBusiness Alliance

The NanoBusiness Alliance is the US national trade association founded to advance the emerging business of nanotechnology. The NanoBusiness Alliance's mission is to create a collective voice for the emerging small tech industry and develop a range of initiatives to support and strengthen the nanotechnology business community.

JSoft is the NanoBusiness Alliance's software and information systems partner. JSoft assists the NanoBusiness Alliance in the design and architecture of systems to support their nanotechnology advocacy initiatives, and is the NanoBusiness Alliance's approved business software architecture and framework provider to the nanotechnology community.

Johnson & Johnson

Through our partnership with Safety Management Solutions, JSoft has assisted the Johnson & Johnson Safe Fleet group in designing, developing, and implementing applications to assist in fleet safety programs. This relationship is an excellent example of the JSoft Outsource Build service, in which JSoft provided Johnson & Johnson with an application framework (HorizonJ) and built a complete application on this platform. JSoft continues to provide Johnson & Johnson with production support and enhancement development for their Safe Fleet applications.

Omeda Communications INC

Omeda Communications, established in 1980, is the industry leader in fulfillment and database management for B2B trade publications and business marketers. Omeda has licensed the HorizonJ framework to serve as the foundation for Omeda's next generation circulation and marketing database technologies.

The Appointment Site

The Appointment Site (tAS) provides internet based medical appointment scheduling suitable for usage by large medical practices. Large tAS medical practices typically process over 100,000 patient appointments annually through the system.

The tAS / JSoft relationship is an another example of the JSoft Outsource Build service. JSoft provided tAS with an application framework (HorizonJ), built a complete application on this platform, deployed and support system go-live activities, and continues to support the tAS application in activities ranging from production support / enhancement development to pre-sales / demonstration assistance.


ClairVista provides IT and business advisory services in the supply chain and retail spaces. ClairVista frequently retains JSoft to assist in providing advisory services, as well as to collaborate in building and maintaining software solutions that ClairVista offers to their clients.

DTI Warehouse

Through our partnership with ClairVista, JSoft has provided DTI Warehouse with software support and development services for their order fulfillment and warehouse inventory management solutions. JSoft has helped DTI Warehouse reduce their operating costs by streamlining the usability of their software applications, and has integrated DTI Warehouse systems with customers, suppliers, and shipping vendors through use of web services technology.


Driveitaway is the global leader in upstream remarketing for commercial fleets. Working with the world's largest fleet management companies, the team at Driveitaway is redefining the business of automotive remarketing. JSoft helped Driveitaway to redefine their technology architecture, providing Driveitaway with an application infrastructure that allows them the flexibility, scalability, and reliability needed to achieve their vision.

Buildview LLC

Buildview is a pioneer in the Builder Customer Relationship space, providing hosted software services (Communicator and Enterprise Suite) that help production home builders communicate more effectively with their customers. Buildview used JSoft's Rapid Launch Support service to accellerate time to market with a rich and robust solution. JSoft provided:
  • Application Architecture - Buildview's products are based upon the HorizonJ framework.
  • Application Design - JSoft Application Architects assisted in the design of key Buildview systems.
  • Application Development Staffing - JSoft provided Buildview with a team of software developers to augment the Buildview development organization, and assisted Buildview in interviewing and growing an internal development organization.
  • Application Development Management - JSoft Architects managed the development process for Buildview, directing a joint team of Buildview and JSoft developers in creating the Buildview systems.

    Through JSoft's assistance, Buildview went from prototype to production in under six months. JSoft and Buildview continue in a productive partnership, with JSoft providing assistance on an as-needed basis.


    IFulfillment is an outsourced warehousing services company that made use of JSoft's Technology Architecture Planning services in order to help design and build their core Web Services technology. These systems enable integration of customer retail sites with IFullfillment's internal logistics applications. JSoft's work was a critical component of an effort that saw IFullfillment go from concept to creation / implementation of sophisticated systems in under 6 months.

    In 2001, IFullfillment was acquired by Innotrac, a leading player in the outsourced fulfillment management services space.